Various traditions

Coming from six different places in Europe, our food, eating habits and daily routines vary a lot.

It's fun to compare - and fun to try out new food as well! Look to our page with cocking recipes to try something new and to the table under to see "how we do it" in our countries.







Most children have a slice of bread with cheese, ham or jam and a glass
of milk for breakfast.
Some eat cereals.
The children usually bring their packed lunch with bread to eat at school at
11 o' clock.
Norwegian families often
eat dinner at 5 o'clock in the evening.
This is the main meal of the day and the families normally gather around the table to eat together.
We often eat a light meal with bread,
a glass of milk or a cup of tea in the evening, before going to bed.


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Some children eat a slice of bread, a pretzel or a breadroll with butter, jam or honey. Others have cereal.
They drink milk, a hot chocolate, tea or some juice.
For a special breakfast the bread, rolls and pastries are fresh from the bakery.
During breaktime at school they eat their "Vesper" our packed snack (some raw vegetables, fruit...).
Lunch is mostly eaten at home and used to be the main meal of the day. Some pupils choose to eat at a school canteen. Usually the meal is warm and between 12:00 and 1:00.
A traditional German afternoon thing is "coffee and cake". Nowadays it mostly happens on special occation like a birthday, family meetings, etc.
Having had a warm meal for lunch. Dinner is bread, ham, salami, cheeses with bread. Some raw vegetables, pickles, some mineral water or juices to drink.


Usually children eat a slice of bread with cheese or ham on top, some cereal or a bowl of porridge. Some eat yoghurt or fruit. At the weekend some families eat cooked breakfast.
Warm lunch is eaten at school and it is free for everyone. Usually lunch is served between 11 and 12.
Dinner is eaten at 5 o'clock in most families. Nowadays it's common that families don't have a chance to do this every day because of hobbies but at weekend families gather around the table.
Children usually have some yoghurt, slice of bread or fruit. Some have a cup of hot chocolate or tea.


Most children have a bowl of cereal.
perhaps a slice of toast and jam, and fruit juice or milk with cacao to drink. Some children may have yoghurt.
Some children have lunch at school, they eat the school menu. It's very healthy and the commission takes care about it.
When children finish classes at 16:30, they have a sandwich with cheese, ham, tuna... or some fruit, or yoghurt.
Some of them eat some chocolate biscuits..etc...
Children usually have dinner approximatelly at 21:00. They have vegetables and meat or fish, or an omellette and after a dessert: fruit, yoghurt, milk...etc.


Most children have a bowl of cereal (and sometimes in the winter, porridge), perhaps a slice of toast and jam, and fruit juice or milk to drink. Some children may have yoghurt.
At the weekend we sometimes have a cooked breakfast
During the week children will either have a school dinner or bring a packed lunch.
English families usually eat when everyone is back from school or work, around 6 o'clock.
Children will often have a glass of milk, or a cup of hot chocolate with a biscuit before they go to bed. At the weekends people often eat later so main have the main meal at around 7 o 'clock

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