Our Spanish Day

On friday, 9th November 2012, early in the morning some classes prepaired the "tapas". Selling the food during the break was a big sucess. Almond cakes, patatas bravas, crocettes, tomato bread and fruit sticks were offered and sold.

patatas bravas.JPG selling.JPG
tomato bread.jpg fruit sticks.JPG

The winner of our logo competition was announced at the following assembly. The proud winner is Hanife from class 9.


Mrs Kauffmann presented our comenius partners (countries and schools) to our classes. When the pupils watched the presentation of our school there was a never ending applause.

The school day ended with a delicious paella, but only for the teachers.


It was a special day for everybody.

Our English Day

On Friday, 22nd March, we celebrated the English day in our school. During the break the food selling was again a big success. Fish & Chips were the best, but scones, shortbread and sandwiches were also sold out in a short time.scones2.JPG shortbread.JPG

On the previous Comenius visit to Barham School in England pupils were also invited. Domink, Laura, Max, Michelle, Philip und Qerim presented the german contribution to the local stories: the fairy tale „The Cold Heart“ from Wilhelm Hauff. The audio drama was performed in German and the rod puppet play was in English.


They performed the fairy tale very self-confident and proud to our Heumaden classes. An impressing presentation of the Barham School, their days in Barham and some pictures of the visit to London were shown too.