Our last mobility (visit) and one where we celebrated the success of our project. During the course of two years we made lots of friends, stayed in a foreign country, studied and spoke each other's languages and cultures, visited places which were special to all of us, discussed how we would preserve these places for future generations, talked to each other across the Internet, ate each other's food, danced each other's dances, painted, wrote, sang songs and told stories. What a wonderful experience!!

Children from Birkeland School telling us, during their welcoming ceremony, how Norway became an independent country.
Children are the same all over the world, but schools are very different!!
What a great day! Hiking in the Norwegian countryside. German, Finnish, Spanish and Norwegian teachers and five very lucky (and happy) children from Barham.
Comenius projects make you happy. See for yourself.

Teaching our Norwegian friends an old English game.
image 1.jpeg

Beautiful, beautiful Norway. Thank you!


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