What games do we play at our schools in our countries?
Look at this page to find out!
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Finland - Myllyhaka School


Guillem Fortuny School - Catalonia

Joc de les cadires – Musical Chairs

123 pica paret – 123 hit the wall

Moros i cristians - Moors and Christians / Arabs and Christians

Cementiri - Cemetery

Germany - Heumadenschule

Laurenzia - Song
vgl. http://www.skg-forum.de/lieder/lied029.htm

2. Laurentia, liebe Laurentia mein, wann wollen wir wieder beisammen sein?
Am Montag.
Ach, wenn es doch endlich schon Sonntag, Montag wär' und ich bei meiner
Laurentia wär', Laur-ren---tia!

usw. bis Sonntag!

And this is how it is done:
1. Stand in a circle and hold hands.
2. Bend your knees on every call of the name "Laurentia" and day of the week.
3. You can become faster step by step.

Birkeland skole, Norway:

O - makadoni:
This is a clapping game/song and the text is as follows:

O makadoni - fani -a
fani -a, fani - a
Leon, leon, tikk - tikk - tikk,
Leon, leon, takk - takk, - takk
en - to - tre (1,2,3)

Til sæters

Barham Church of England Primary School

Cats Cradle
This is a very old game that has been played in England for many years. In these photographs you can see the pupils who visited Norway teaching the game to their partners.

image 2.jpeg
Luke teaching Henning how Cat's Cradle works

Luke teaching Henning the intricacies of Cat's Cradle
image 1.jpeg
Two of the Norwegian pupils practising and obviously enjoying the game!!
image 3.jpeg
Thomas teaching his Norwegian partner Cat's Cradle