Christmas cards

Christmas is time for sending Christmas cards. This year we will share pictures from each country. Maybe some of them will appear on cards later?

Wintertime in Norway

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Teinefossen 2.JPG
vinterferie og påskeferie 2011 060.JPG

Wintertime in Germany

Santa Claus is not Nikolaus

In Germany there are actually two old men with long beards and red coats in December. In the night before December 6th, Nikolaus or Saint Nicholas, whose name sounds a bit like Santa Claus, will fill the boots of all kids who were good and polite and well-behaved.

They are filled with sweets, little gifts, nuts, apples and mandarines.

Father Christmas’ job starts only in the evening of 24th December, on Christmas Eve. In that night he delivers the presents and puts them under the decorated tree.


Wintertime in England

Wintertime in Spain

Wintertime in Finland

Wintertime in Northern Ireland